Web Services



Web Point Media offers affordable Web design solutions to put your organization, or business, online. We are dedicated to make the web work for you by developing a cost-effective, visually appealing, and functional site.

We will work with you to create a design to fit your needs. Your website is a tool for your business that will provide exposure, generate leads, convey information, or sell products. We can accomplish this by creating a custom design from your sketch or Photoshop file, or by customizing a pre-packaged template, while maintaining modern, accessible, standard design methods.

Custom Web Design

A custom design will provide you with a unique design for your organization that will confidently represent your business. Your input in the process will insure your professional web site is exactly the way you want it to be. Based on preferences you may have for color schemes, layout design, fonts, and images, we will work with you to translate your thoughts and ideas to the web.


Would you like to be involved in updating your content whenever needed without the assistance of your web designer? Then you need a Content Management System, Web Point Media can help with that too. We can design your site using Joomla, a popular open source CMS. After the website is completed by us, you will be able to update the content whenever you like, that includes articles and images. This is a great solution for businesses or organizations that need to update content frequently.

We will upload and set up all the necessary files along with your initial content to get you started. Instructions will be provided so that when it comes time to update or add content the process will be an easy one. There are no special programs to buy, all you need is your browser.



Is your existing site in need of a change or not functioning properly? If you like the existing layout, a change in colors and content may be all you need to give your existing site a fresh new look. If your design is current but the content needs updated we can help by updating your current text or images with new content you provide.  With a site analysis we can provide recommendations on whether it needs updated or a complete new design.