What to Expect:

Outline for the Site
In order to design or redesign your site the first step is to summarize the content and goals.Web Point Media will work with you to help create and understand the outline.


We can work with you to gather the content for your pages. Written content can be taken from existing brochures, catalogs, articles you have written, or other documents.

Content - Images
Images or photos for the pages may be taken from a collection you already have, or we can take pictures of sufficient quality for the pages. Another option is to use stock photos which provide a serene scene of nature or people.

Putting it all together, once the content, photos, and graphics are ready the design phase is started. Any preferences you may have such as colors, or fonts will be incorporated into the design. When the website is far enough along you will be able see it and provide feedback.

Completion and Usability Testing
Once the site is completed we will review and test each page, then you will be able to review your new site for final approval. .